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EVERY DECENT DIY’er SHOULD HAVE A SIX-PACK – Get yours with Herschell’s new Home Care Kit, no excuses

The new Home Care Kit includes: Silicone Damp Cure Spray to seal mortar and grout from moisture; Multi- Purpose Spray which penetrates, lubricates, removes rust and moisture and will sort most home appliances and electricity equipment issues with one easy application; Silicone Spray is a clean clear lubricant which also polishes and waterproofs; Garage Door and Gate Grease is a clean white superior lubricant in an easy to use aerosol; Clean-up Multi- Purpose Cleaner easily removes dirt and grime from almost everything from tiles to carpets and Opti- View and Hard Surface Cleaner is a powerful streak free formula.

The Home Care Kit provides the ‘do it yourself’ fix for most home issues. Speaking on the innovative new product line, Grant Gillespie, Managing Director of Swifts Industrial says “The Home Care Kit is no different from the rest of our Herschell products; we have cut out proverbial teeth on industry’s stringent quality expectations. We provide easy solutions to everyday challenges”.

The new Home Care Kit is available at Builders Warehouse nationwide where customers can get all Herschell products.

For more information visit -  http://swifts.co.za/