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RhinoLite EasyFill Crack Filler

An innovative DIY product and application tool was recently launched on the local market. RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler is an easy to use all purpose interior crack filler that offers DIY enthusiasts and trade professionals a crack filler packaged in a revolutionary resealable pack. What is unique about this product is that the pack is sealed using the multi-tool that comes free with the purchase of every pack.

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The multi-tool not only reseals an opened pack, it also serves to scoop the product out of the pack, is used to apply the product onto a wall, and also to sand the product once dry.

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The multi-tool scoop provides for the ideal 3 to 1 product to water mix ratio. Turn the tool and use the scrape tool to apply the product onto the wall and then turn it again and sand the product once dry to a smooth finish with the handy sanding tool. Once the job is complete, use the handy multi-tool to re-seal the pack to prevent any spilling or waste.

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The multi-tool (designed in South Africa) means that the application of the product requires no additional tools and offers the DIY enthusiast a range of no mess, no waste, no fuss benefits. The tool measure offers the perfect mix ratio of product to water, giving an ideal product consistency for best results with every application, every time.

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RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler offers a quick and easy way to fill any indoor cracks and blemishes and provides a smooth finish. The product formula is designed to remain pliable for a time prior to hardening. Once dry, RhinoLite EasyFill™ can be painted with any high quality water-based or enamel paint and blends in seamlessly with the existing room finish.

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You will find this product at any major hardware retailer in South Africa at the recommended resale price of R 31.99. Check out You Tube for a step-by-step guide to using RhinoLite EasyFill™ Crack Filler and Multi-tool to repair any interior cracks and imperfections. Go to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKeZbSpTv-o