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Dress a home in reclaimed style





Discover the charm of dressing a home with reclaimed style, whether it’s furniture you rescue from a salvage yard, pieces down at the bottom of the garden that you restore, or ones that you make using reclaimed materials. 




Reclaimed style is gaining acceptance as more people realise that old doesn’t necessarily mean destined for the trash heap.




In this article we’re not going to show you how to turn a wood pallet into a coffee table or bookshelf, we have already seen plenty of that, but we take a few examples from West Elm and various other sources to show you how good reclaimed materials can look in a home.




Timber is a dwindling resource around the world as we chop down trees that have taken up to a hundred years to reach maturity. There are so many sources for reclaimed timber; whether its floorboards, wood frames or beams from salvage yards and building sites, in its original form such as the tree stump side table above, or wood furniture that is considered past its prime.

And with a bit of TLC and savvy DIY skills, timber in all its forms is a natural resource that can be re-purposed, restored or re-used for many, many years.




Fencing, flooring, frames and pallets; reclaimed timber is becoming a commodity that is in demand for making furniture. Timber species once in abundance and now hard to find were used in many ways as an affordable and available material.

You never know what you might find when scouring for reclaimed materials and may be pleasantly surprised to discover that an old pallet is made from meranti, or beams of Rhodesian teak.




Whether you prefer to keep a salvaged piece of furniture in its original condition and let the distressed, painted or patina of age tell its story, or transform with various techniques to make a piece fit in with your home, reclaimed furniture add character and charm to any home interior.




Reclaimed furniture is not just about wood, you will find reclaimed furniture in a variety of styles. Industrial furniture design incorporates industrial materials and combines these with organic elements, such as the steel scaffolding dining table above, or the mobile kitchen island made using commercial shelving.




Take a stroll through salvage yards, auction sales and secondhand stores and look for pieces that catch your eye, whether because you immediately know how you can use the piece in your home, or for its uniqueness that would make it the perfect statement piece.


Janice Anderssen