Black+Decker release a new range of power tools


Black+Decker Multievo

The new Black+Decker Multievo is the ideal multi-tool, offering the patented ability to convert into different power tools when combined with different accessories. If you are looking for all of this versatility in a cordless multi-tool, the Black+Decker 18V Li-Ion Multievo (MT218KB-QW) is the way to go. It comes with a starter kit which includes a drill driver head and two 1.5Ah batteries in a Kitbox. It also has 10 torque settings and the ability to convert into different power tools simply by changing the head. The battery holds a charge for 90 days when idle, so there is no need to recharge between each use and it comes with an easy to change spare battery.

Additional heads can be purchased and include the Multievo Multi-tool: Jigsaw Head (MTJS1), Scissor Attachment (MTS12), Impact Driver (MTIM3), Hammer Attachment (MTHD5), Trim Saw Attachment (MTTS7), Router Attachment (MTRT8), Inflator Attachment (MTNF9), Reciprocating Saw Attachment (MTRS10), Sander Attachment (MTSA2) and Oscillating Attachment (MTOS4).

The Black+Decker 300W Multievo (MT350K-QS) comes standard with a drill driver head for use with both metal and wood. This ultimate corded drill driver, with ten torque settings and variable speed, can complete the majority of home DIY needs by simply changing the attachment.


Black+Decker drills

Black+Decker is releasing one powerful corded hammer drill and two new cordless drills in this new range: a gear hammer drill and a drill driver. The Black+Decker 850w VSR 13mm keyless chuck, spindle lock Hammer Drill (KR806K-QS) comes in a Kitbox. It has the ultimate hammer mechanism for fast drilling performance through masonry at 52,700 BPM (beats per minute/impact rate) and has improved power and torque. It features die cast aluminium gear housing for optimum heat dissipation and additional durability. An adjustable variable speed dial allows the user to pre-set speeds for more control. The reversing brush system delivers full power in both forward and reverse and reduces carbon brush wear.

The Black+Decker 18V Li-Ion two gear Hammer Drill (EGBL188KB-QW) comes with two 1.5Ah long life batteries in a Kitbox. It has an 11 position clutch, variable speed and gears for high and low speed drilling and screw driving. The first gear provides greater torque and control and the second gear provides greater speed. It can be used on steel, wood, as well as masonry because of its hammer drill function.

The Black+Decker 14.4V Li-Ion Drill Driver (EGBL14KB-B9) comes with two 1.5Ah long life batteries in a Kitbox. It has 10 torque settings, variable speed for ultimate fingertip control for all drilling and screw driving applications. It also features an anti-slip soft grip. It can be used on both wood and metal and has ten torque settings for perfect screw driving into a variety of materials with different screw sizes.


Black+Decker sanders

Three new sanders are introduced in this range, a Mouse, finishing, and orbital sander. The Black+Decker 120W Mouse Detail Sander (KA2000-B9) comes with six accessories and a bag and boasts a new compact design which allows for optimum control, with three separate rubber gripping areas. It has a micro filtration dust canister for optimum dust collection and a dust sealed slide switch for reduced fatigue during continual operation. It has new innovative quick fit mesh sanding sheets that provide four times the life of standard sand paper and a detail base designed to give better results when sanding intricate areas

The Black+Decker 270W DUOSAND (KA330EKA-QS) 1/3 Sheet Finishing Sander comes with six sanding sheets and in a Kitbox. The DUOSAND is the World’s first 1/3 sheet sander with a dual fan system and a wrap-around dust collection facility, for cleaner, faster sanding. The sander also collects 3 times more dust than the standard sanders. This powerful orbital sander is suitable for all general sanding applications and a clear dust collection canister allows for no fuss emptying.

The Black+Decker 260W Random Orbital Sander (KA198-QS) comes with a 125mm platen and three sanding sheets, a dust connector and a dust bag. It is ideal for sanding and polishing wood, metal, PVC and paint on both flat and curved surfaces. This sander provides a high quality finish - the motion of the sander allows you to safely sand across the grain of the wood without leaving “swirl” marks on your finish and it is also great for effortless material removal. It has multiple gripping areas, a palm grip, a jug handle and body gripping areas for increased comfort and control when sanding. A quick fit paper attachment means quick and easy paper change. Two new jigsaws are also part of the new range.


Black+Decker jigsaw

The Black+Decker 520W Variable Speed Jigsaw (KS701EK-B9) comes in a Kitbox. It has variable speeds for versatility and an ergonomic design gives user comfort and versatility in use.  It’s a low vibration power tool with tool-free blade changing that provides high precision cuts with best-in-class transmission.

For more information contact Black+Decker head office on +27 11 472 0454