The afterglow of Black+Decker DIY workshops at Grand Designs Live

Not only was there no charge for these Black+Decker DIY workshops, but all materials and tools were provided, as well as getting two tickets to the show, and the participants got to take their creations home. All they had to do was to motivate why they wished to be part of this wonderful experience. Many of the participants enjoyed the first workshop so much that they came back for a second.

These simple DIY projects, all taken from a range of Black+Decker DIY How-To Books, were made at the workshops:

  • An artist’s easel
  • A strong 3 tiered vegetable stand
  • A couch side table and magazine holder
  • An innovative wine bottle stand
  • A lazy susan with a really good base
  • A wooden box with a lid


Margy Kennedy said, “I’m a stay at home mom gone from sewing, baking, etc., to DIY and woodwork. I wanted to participate as I have not used my tools in ages and needed some expert guidance.  I made a new friend at the workshop, and I learnt how to use a router and make wood filler. The Black+Decker router adds a finishing touch and interest to a project. I was very happy with the box with a lid. The word I would use to describe the Black+Decker and Stanley tools is – quality! The workshop inspired me to get my garage cleared of everyone else's stuff so that I can set out my tools and use all the wood I've collected to make items to sell. Thanks to Stanley Black & Decker for the workshops and for the beautiful DIY stage with lovely ideas and easy projects.”

Carla Blankevoort said, “I love the Stanley cordless drill, it's comfortable, convenient and compact. I have always loved DIY, it was fun and I very much appreciate Black+Decker giving us this opportunity to make something to take home for free. I will definitely be pursuing wood working, it's terrific and functional.”

Joan du Toit said, “I’m 73 and have never done woodworking before. I am always doing arts and crafts and was thrilled to get this opportunity. I was at the Mugg & Bean where I was paging through The Star and Citizen and saw the advert to book for these workshops. I thought that this was the perfect opportunity for myself and my friend Avril who has done a lot of woodworking in the past.  I loved every second of the workshop, I left full of dust, but I enjoyed it so much. I have never used a power drill and it worked wonderfully, I am game to try anything. I am delighted with what I made. I am going to paint my box with chalk paint and a stencil. I would have liked to do all the workshops. The Stanley drill was easy to use and I loved the Black+Decker router. I now want to make a long box for blankets at the bottom of my bed. Everything went wonderfully at the workshop and I was really impressed. It was absolutely brilliant. I can’t stop talking about it.”

Jemma Hamilton-Fensham said, “I was inspired to book for the workshop to learn a new skill and how to use different tools that I knew about, but would never know how to use. I really enjoyed the workshop and was very happy with what I made. Black+Decker and Stanley tools are user friendly and once you know what you are doing you never look back. The workshops were such a nice addition to the Grand Designs Live line up, it added a point of interest for passers-by and the chance to learn something new and try it out, rather than just watching a demonstration. I loved it!”














Sentia Halim said, “I'm very happy and enjoyed myself so much. I am really satisfied with my vegetable rack, it was very neat. It was not me that did job well, it was the tools that made it easy, especially the Stanley drill which was very powerful and light. It was the first time that I used a drill and it was completely different from what I thought. I really like the Black+Decker saw, it cut the wood so cleanly and neatly. Thank you Black+Decker for conducting such a useful workshop.”

Piet Niemand said, “Black+Decker has a well presented display and friendly staff. I really enjoyed the workshop and the range of quality tools. I learnt how to use a router and orbital sander. I now want to get involved with working with wood and creating things.  The way the workshop was presented was good and everyone involved enjoyed it very much. I noticed that bystanders were very curious and loved watching all of us working away. I can’t wait for the next Black+Decker workshop.”