Black+Decker DIY Guru for 2016 announced at Grand Designs Live

I feel ecstatic about winning this competition, words can't really explain the feeling of what it means. To be known as the Black+Decker DIY Guru from amongst many other people,  is a ‘one of a kind’ feeling and I'd like to thank God Almighty as he guided me. I still feel like I'm in cloud nine.

I'm very grateful for the prize hamper that I was given. Black+Decker was really thoughtful with the hamper which contained a variety of gifts, from things for my home, to the garage and outside.   My wife was very happy to get the steam mop, as for myself I'm most happy with the Stanley 18V Cordless Drill. I'm sure any DIY person would be happy to see this tool at work. It makes life so simple! One can accomplish any task, hard or easy and I'm thrilled to start using it.

I think Black+Decker tools are awesome and very good compared to what’s on the market.  I feel every DIY’er or garage should have a Black+Decker Mouse Sander. I'm really happy with my Stanley jigsaw that I have had for a while, it's a powerful tool and cuts perfect shapes.

I took part in a Black+Decker workshop on Sunday 22 May at Grand Designs and learnt to make a Lazy Susan which I got to take home with me. I was so impressed with the Black+Decker router that I used in this project, it was super cool and had such nice features, like the fence guide.  I didn't realise how easy it was to use and it gives a perfect finish. I haven't worked with something like that before, it was awesome. I really enjoyed this workshop, it's amazing what you can make in such a short span of time. I will treasure this experience.

I was inspired by the Black+Decker Guru Search competition. When looking to add to your home one either looks for modern or antique or a mixture of both. I decided to make a coat rack as it is one design that has stood the test of time. It is a simple design that keeps the home clutter free but also adds to the aesthetics. With winter approaching I thought this would be a good investment for every home. At least now my family won't need to go hunting for a coat.



The school where I work invested in new tables and were giving the old ones to the scrap yard. Instead, I took them and used the wood to make a coat rack. I know how Grand Designs loves the up-cycle theme. I first used my one and only Black+Decker Mouse Sander to sand the wood to get a clean finish. I used 60 grit sandpaper to get most of that dirt off. I then used 120 grit to get a smoother finish. The Black+Decker Mouse Sander never ever disappoints, it is a tool that I can always rely on. I call it the three 'e's tool, the most efficient, effective and economical tool on the market to sand with.

I then cut two pieces and joined them together using glue and clamps. Thereafter I cut eight angles on four pieces of wood to make sure that each side was a 45°angle. Then I cut four pieces that would be joined to the bottom of the main frame. I sanded each piece again using my Black+Decker Mouse Sander using 180 grit sandpaper. I joined the bottom pieces making pocket holes and a clamp. I added a square piece to the top frame which I routered to give a smart look on the edges. After that I gel stained and varnished the rack. Lastly I made a jig using a scrap piece of wood lying around in the garage for the holes for the hooks. No need to sit and measure and waste time if you have something so cool.

I have many favourite tools, but I'd say my most favourite at the moment is the Black+Decker Mouse Sander, it's simple and gets the job done. I don’t yet have my next DIY project planned, but living in this age is so expensive and making things on your own makes it so much more affordable.

I’d like to say thank you to God Almighty who has blessed me with such a great opportunity to display my talent and to Black+Decker and Grand Designs Live for giving me this opportunity to be part of such a great experience. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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