Buy local, buy Lasher: A Proudly South African icon

Lasher is, and always has been, a South African company that is committed to creating employment and, wherever possible, upskilling its employees and now boasts a staff compliment of over 700 people locally.

Proudly South African believes that “by choosing to buy local we buy back jobs and the future we are destined for”. To become a member, applicants have to adhere to strict criteria including:

At least 50% of the cost of production must be incurred in South Africa.

Lasher sources 99% of its materials locally, most of which are steel and plastic. The tools are then manufactured at its three factories in Wadeville, Germiston and Ladysmith.

The product or service must be of proven high quality.

Lasher is a proud manufacturer of tough, reliable, tools guaranteed. Its factories are ISO 9001 compliant and no shortcuts are taken in the manufacturing of Lasher products. Raw materials are specked to the highest quality and processes are followed according to a tried and tested recipe. Lasher prides themselves on having the best product and where necessary makes small engineering design changes where often the average consumer wouldn’t notice the difference by just looking at the product. Lasher produces the only SABS-accredited wheelbarrow.

The company must be environmentally responsible and adhere to production processes that are environmentally acceptable.

Metal and plastic offcuts are recycled and there is minimal waste generated in Lasher’s ISO 9001 factories. Lasher produces the world’s first recycled and recyclable Ecobarrow.

The company must comply with current labour legislation and adhere to fair labour practices.

Lasher is highly committed to its staff and has a proud history of longstanding employees, many of whom have followed their parents into employment at the company. 

Lasher remains dedicated to its mandate to boost the local economy by growing the business from its South African base, while extending its export network to the rest of Africa, the United States and Europe and Australasia. 

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