Easy DIY Pet Bowl Stand

This pet bowl stand is a simple project designed to use some of those scrap pieces of Supawood and hardware left over from other projects. The project takes about 2 hours to complete and you will only need to buy a couple of pet food bowls.

pet 1


1 of 16mm Supawood 200 X 400mm
2 of 16mm Supawood 200 X 55mm
4 x 40mm cut screws
2 pet food bowls
drill / driver and assorted bits
countersink bit
small straightedge or steel rule
compass to draw the circles

tape measure and pencil


pet 2

pet 3


1. Mark the 200 X 400mm Supawood, as per the drawing, for the holes to fit the bowls and for the screws to join to the legs.

2. Drill a clearance hole within the circles of the two holes. The size must be sufficient to accept the jigsaw blade.

3. Cut out the two circles and then sand the inside edge until smooth, checking that the bowls fit neatly.


pet 4

4. Drill the four clearance holes for mounting the legs and countersink them from one side.

5. Mark an arc of 70mm radius on each of the legs and cut out with the jigsaw. Sand until smooth.

6. Drill two pilot holes 35mm from each end of the leg pieces. Fasten leg pieces to the top with screws.

7. Prime with pink wood primer and, when dry, paint the whole stand with a PVA or spray paint of your choice of colour. We used Rust-Oleum Winter Grey for our project.


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