Pine bed for young boy or girl

Make our pine bed with laminated and PAR pine that you will find at your local Builders store and then stain and varnish to finish.

bed 1



1 of 920 x 1900mm 16mm bisonbord - base
1 of 600 x 2400mm laminated pine (cut 2 of 300 x 1900mm sides)
1 of 400 x 1800mm laminated pine (cut 2 of 400 x 920mm for headboard)*
1 of 300 x 1800mm laminated pine (cut 2 of 300 x 920mm for footboard)*
2 of 44 x 44 x 1900mm PAR pine - base supports
5 x 60mm cut screws
4 angle braces and 16mm screws
Pattex No More Nails adhesive or wood glue
Antique wax, stain or varnish to finish

Drill / Driver plus assorted bits
Countersink bit
Optional: Pockethole jig or Biscuit Joiner

bed 2



1. For the headboard and footboard you need to join together the 2 pieces of 400 x 920mm and 2 pieces of 300 x 920mm laminated pine, either using a biscuit joiner or dowels, to create the full sections. Glue these sections together one day in advance to allow the glue to dry overnight.

bed 3

2. Attach the 44 x 44 PAR pine base supports to the underside of the base on both sides. Make sure these sections are flush with the edge of the base. Secure through the PAR pine and into the base using four 5 x 60mm screws along the length.

bed 4

3. Apply Pattex No More Nails adhesive along the outside of the PAR pine supports. Place one of the sides flush against the base assembly and secure by driving screws through the PAR pine supports into the sides. Repeat this for the other side. By joining in this way there are no visible screws on the exterior pine.

bed 5

4. On both the headboard and footboard measure up 200mm and draw a line. Use this as a guide for mounting the headboard and footboard onto the sides and base of the bed. If you are not using a biscuit joiner or pockethole jig, drill 3mm pilot holes through the headboard /footboard into the side sections. Countersink and secure with 60mm screws.

bed 7

5. For added stability and support, once the headboard / footboard is mounted onto the sides, attach two or three angle braces underneath the base using 16mm screws.

bed 6


You have the option to finish the bed by applying antique wax for a natural  finish, or applying a coloured stain, sealer or varnish.



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