Recycled pallet outdoor swing

It’s a lazy girl’s dream come true! One can easily spend the warm spring days lounging around on this novice reclaimed pallet swing bed in the garden. Recycled from used pallets, this creation is easy and fun for any inexperienced DIYer.

swing 1

TIME 2 hours
COST +/- R300


two pallets
three timber planks 69 x 20mm
nine 9cm wood screws
+/- 20m of strong rope (depending on height)
scatter cushions and bed sheet
drill/driver plus assorted bits
rubber mallet
measuring tape
insulation tape

swing 2

Look for a rope that won’t rot or break easily, and which has a high working load limit. The higher the load limit, the better.


1. Start by measuring the size of the mattress you will be placing on the swing bed and work out what size pallets you’ll need to to fit your mattress.

We used two medium-sized pallets. Remember to include the space you’ll need at each end for the rope. Measure the length of your pallets, as this will determine what length timber planks you need to use. Once you have your pallets and timber planks, lightly sand them to remove any splinters.

swing 3
2. To join the two pallets together, flip the pallet over so that the top side is face downwards. Line up the pallets so the inner struts are aligned. Slide the timber planks between the slats and line them up with inner struts. Use a rubber mallet, if needed, to knock the planks into place.

swing 4

3. Drill a hole, approximately 7 cm deep, into the struts and planks at each end. Also drill a third hole in the middle.

swing 5
4. Insert a wood screw into each hole to hold strut and plank together. Flip the joined pallets over to form the base of your swing bed.

Top tip:
Use clamps to hold the pallets and planks together while inserting the wood screws into the struts and planks.

swing 6

5. To connect the rope to the bed base, drill a hole through the strut and plank at each corner of the swing bed base. Make the hole diameter big enough for the rope to pass through it.

swing 7
6. Cut four pieces of rope of approximately 2,5m in length.

Top tip:
To keep the rope from fraying, tape the section of rope where you will be cutting with insulation tape and cut in the middle of the marked tape area.

swing 8

7. Start on one end of the swing bed, thread the rope through the drilled holes until the rope is at equal length, then repeat on the opposite corner. Then tightly tie the four ends in a double handover knot. Repeat this step on the other end of the swing bed.

swing 9
8. Cut two pieces of rope into equal lengths, double the length you require to hang the swing bed. This does not have to be exact, as you will adjust the rope to your desired height once you start hanging the swing bed. Throw the rope pieces over the tree branch you want to secure the swing bed to.
Pull the rope until both ends are at equal lengths. Tie the bed ropes securely to the tree ropes using a few strong double handover knots. Adjust the height, making sure the swing bed is level.

9. Place the mattress on the swing bed and cover with a sheet. Throw a few scatter cushions on top and enjoy lounging on your creation in the spring sunshine.


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