Make your own soy massage candles

Soy candles are considered an earth-friendly choice and last longer than candles made with other types of wax. Store-bought soy candles are expensive, but you can make your own for a fraction of the cost. Easy to create and personalise with your favourite scents and containers, make beautiful candles to keep or give away to friends.

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Soy wax turns into an oil which can be used as a massage oil.


paper clips
wooden sticks
fragrance of your choice
old pot with a lip for easy pouring (don't use for cooking)
soy wax (1kg will make +/- 10 candles depending on size)
glass jars to hold soy wax (we bought these at WestPack)
braided wick string and wick stabilisers


Top tip:
Soy wax needs to be placed in a jar as it is very different
to normal candle wax and does not keep its form.

TIME 30 minutes (12 hours drying time)
COST +/- R270 (makes up to 10 candles)


Here’s how:

1. Before you start melting the wax you will need to prepare the jars. Start threading the wick from the top of the wick stabiliser and tie a knot to keep it in place.

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2. Place a stick on top of the jar, this will keep the wick in place when you pour in the wax. Lower the wick and stabiliser into the jar and tie or hold in place with the paper clip. Make sure the wick is straight and in the middle of the jar, with the stabiliser gently touching the bottom.

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3. Once all the jars are prepared, place the soy wax in your pot and slowly start melting. Make sure the wax is 100% melted before pouring in the fragrance – 1-2 teaspoons depending on how strong you want the candle to smell.

candles 5
4. Once melted, pour into the prepared jars to about 2cm from the top and allow to dry. Recommended time for drying is 12 hours.

candles 6
5. When the candles are completely dry, cut the wicks 1cm from the wax. Finish off by decorating the jars as desired and enjoy!

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