Easy DIY Modern Drawer Unit



This 2-drawer dresser unit offers plenty of storage and is ideal for any bedroom, but particularly a child’s bedroom. We painted ours in white but you can paint in your choice of colour and add decorative hardware to suit your personal style.


The drawer unit is made from 16mm SupaWood, with 12mm SupaWood drawers and a 3mm SupaWood frame on the drawer fronts. You can substitute 3mm SupaWood with Masonite (or hardboard).


1 of 400 x 1000mm 16mm SupaWood top
2 of 400 x 784mm 16mm SupaWood sides
2 of 400 x 968mm 16mm SupaWood top shelf /base
1 of 381 x 968mm 16mm SupaWood middle shelf(*)
1 of 212 x 400mm 16mm SupaWood shelf divider
1 of 100 x 968mm 16mm SupaWood Front apron
2 of 209 x 963mm 12mm SupaWood drawer back
2 of 217 x 963mm 12mm SupaWood drawer front
4 of 209 x 376mm 12mm SupaWood drawer side
2 of 376 x 939mm 12mm SupaWood drawer base

1 of 234 x 990mm 3mm masonite backing board (top)
4 x 45mm cut screws
Wood filler
Pattex No More Nails (if adding panels to drawer fronts)
4 knobs / handles and screws
Paint to finish - we used Plascon water-based Velvaglo
Painting equipment

Drill / Driver and assorted bits

Countersink bit
Jigsaw and clean-cut blade
Orbital or random orbit sander and 120- + 240-grit sanding pads
Tape measure and pencil


*If you are not adding 3mm panels to the drawer fronts, have cut at 384 x 968mm for the drawers to sit flush with the frame.

Note: All pieces are joined together by pre-drilling a 3mm countersunk pilot hole, unless otherwise indicated. Measure in 50mm from the edges to drill pilot holes.




1. Start assembling the unit by securing the top to the sides.

2. Measure 100mm and 116mm up the sides – marking the front and back of each side and use this as a guide to mount the base. Secure through the sides with 4 x 45mm screws.


3. Draw a decorative design onto the front apron and cut out with a jigsaw. Position the front apron underneath the base and drill through the base to secure with 4 x 45mm screws.


4. Measure and mark 212mm down from the top on the front and back of the sides. Use this as a guide for mounting the top shelf.

5. On the top shelf measure in 476mm from both ends and draw lines. On the top measure in 492mm for both ends and draw lines. Use as a guide for mounting the shelf divider. This is secured in place with screws through the top and from underneath the top shelf.


6. For mounting the middle shelf, measure and mark 212mm down from the top shelf and up from the base and draw a line on the front and back of the sides. Use this as a guide for mounting the middle shelf.


The middle shelf is mounted flush with the back of the unit. The gap at the front of the shelf allows for the drawer fronts to overhang for a neat finish.



7. Assemble the drawers by securing the back and front to the sides and then slotting in and securing the base with screws through the sides.


8. Note that the drawer front of the top drawer is flush at the top to allow an overhang at the bottom of the drawer.


9. The drawer front for the bottom drawer is flush at the bottom to allow an overhang at the top of the drawers.



When the drawers are fitted into the unit, these overhangs allow the drawers to sit flush with the frame.


10. You now have the option to add a 3mm frame around the drawers, as shown. The frame is glued onto the drawer front using Pattex No More Nails adhesive.


  • Fill all holes with wood filler and allow this to dry.
  • Sand any uneven edges and wood filler with 120-grit and then sand smooth with 240-grit sanding pads. Sand cut edges smooth before painting.
  • We applied three coats of Plascon water-based Velvaglo to the entire unit, using a combination of paintbrush and foam roller.


Note: Not responsible for errors and omissions

Janice Anderssen


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