Recycled plastic bottle light shades




After breaking one of the glass lamp shades on my kitchen light, I hunted high and low to find a replacement shade without success.




The pendant light fitting is about 5 years old and it appears that you can no longer obtain replacement shades for this design. It's a bit disappointing that a broken lampshade means that you have to replace the entire fitting.

Rather than have to fork out for a new fitting I came up with the idea of replacing the glass shades with plastic bottles.




These are two litre juice bottles that I collect until I come up with ideas for using them in other ways.




Use a sharp craft knife to cut off the bottom section of the plastic bottle. It's actually quite easy since the grooves in the bottle allow you to follow the design to cut perfectly straight.




Note that you can only use CFL light globes in the fitting, as anything else heats up and will melt the plastic shade.




While I wasn't sure how this idea would turn out, I'm happy to say it worked like a dream. They don't look like plastic shades unless you stand up close.


Janice Anderssen

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