Easy DIY Bookcase Tower



In a small home there isn't always space for a bookcase, so easyDIY looked at various options for a stylish yet practical alternative to this and came up with a tower bookcase.

Made using 16mm SupaWood and PAR pine, this bookshelf is easy to make and you can finish in your choice of colour.

Using SupaWood allows you to paint the finished bookshelf in your choice of colour using acrylic or spray paint. We used Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint for our bookshelf.



All sections 16mm PG Bison SupaWood unless otherwise specified

1 of 44 x 44mm x 1.8 metres PAR pine - cut to 1744mm length

1 of 300 x 400mm - bottom support

1 of 290 x 360mm - top support

7 of 200 x 300mm - shelves

8 of 140 x 200mm - upright dividers

Wood glue

2 of 4 x 55mm cut screws

4 x 50mm cut screws

180-grit sandpaper


Drill / Driver + assorted bits

Jigsaw + clean-cut blade



1. Although shown in reverse order in the images, add the two bottom supports as the starting point. Use a jigsaw to cut two 44 x 44mm sections along the back edge to allow for fitting the upright. Drill 4mm pilot holes and use wood glue and 5 x 55mm cut screws to secure in place.


2. With the base supports in place, start adding the upright dividers and shelves. Start at the bottom and drill 3mm pilot holes through the upright and to a depth of 6mm into the upright divider. Secure the upright divider to the upright with 4 x 50mm cut screws.




Add a thin line of wood glue in a line along the centre of each uprght divider and the back of the shelf.



3. Between all upright dividers leave a 16mm gap. You can use a shelf as a guide as you work your way towards the top of the upright.


4. Position a shelf in the gap between the upright dividers. Make sure it is centrally aligned before drilling a 3mm pilot hole through the upright and into the shelf and securing with 4 x 50mm cut screw.




5. Using 180-grit sandpaper, sand all the rough edges smooth. Apply a thin layer of wood glue on the cut edges to reduce absorption if you are spray painting to finish. 


6. Finish off your Tower Bookshelf with your choice of paint. We applied three coats of Rust-Oleum 2X satin heirloom white.


Janice Anderssen

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