Craft organiser using recycled paint pots



Plastic paint pots, small or large, can be re-used in so many ways. In this project we show you how to make a craft organiser using 1 litre paint pots and some scraps of timber and board.

What’s nice about this organiser is that it can be used for kids’ arts and crafts, to organise your home office or hobby room, or even sit on top of your dining table for cutlery and serviettes, etc.


1 of 250 x 850mm - 16mm SupaWood – top
2 of 100 x 250mm - 16mm SupaWood – sides
4 x 50mm cut screws
4 plastic screw caps
180-grit sandpaper
Wood glue
Silicone tape
Rust-Oleum 2X spray paint
Drill / Driver + assorted bits
Jigsaw + clean-cut blade
Tape measure and pencil



1. Clean the paint pots to remove all traces of paint. Apply two light coats of spray paint, letting each coat dry before applying the next coat.


2. Wrap the tops of each paint pot with silicone tape. This hides any imperfections around the rim of the pot and also allows the paint pots to sit snugly in the frame.


3. Mark out the position for the pots and use the base of the pot to draw guides for cutting out holes in the top section.


4. Use a 10mm wood bit to drill a hole in each circle to allow for insertion of the jigsaw blade and then cut out all the holes for the paint pots.


5. Use a 3mm wood bit to drill holes 50mm in from the front and back edge of the top section. Countersink all the drilled holes.

6. You will also need to drill 3mm pilot holes 50mm in from each edge on the top of the side sections. This will prevent the board from splitting when you join the sections together.


7. Use 4 x 50mm screws to secure the top section to the sides.


8. Rather than use wood filler on the screw holes you can cover these with plastic screw caps. Add a small bead of wood glue to the top of the screw to ensure the cap stays in place.


9. Sand all the edges smooth before taking the project outdoors, or into a well ventilated space, and apply two to three light coats of spray paint.

Pop in the paint pots and you have a crafty organiser that you can use in so many ways.



Janice Anderssen

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