Low cost, low maintenance tips for securing a home




There are many ways in which a homeowner can secure their property to prevent any potential intruder, the number one method is to have an approved security system installed as they are proven deterrents. Alarm monitoring of this system is a must as it is a lifeline to the emergency services should something happen. However, here are some low cost, quick and easy tips for extra security at your home:


At Night Time

• Ensure all belongings are stored securely and out of sight.
• Ensure all windows and doors are locked.
• During warmer weather people tend to leave a window open at night – make sure the alarm is switched on to compensate.
• Keep blinds and curtains closed – being able to see what is inside will only tempt burglars.
• Choose venetian blinds over curtains – burglars hate them as it makes it more difficult to enter a property. They can also be quite noisy.
• Do not leave car keys in hallways or in sight of burglars.
• Keep house and car keys concealed but close by for quick emergency exits.
• Leave lights on where possible e.g. hallway – light deters burglars.
• Fit low cost sensor lights at front, back and sides of property.
• Use solar lights around the garden for free lighting.
• Remember downstairs doors and windows are not the only accessible route for burglars – walls, fencing, extension roofs, drainpipes and wheelie bins will give burglars a step up.


When the property is vacant

• Ask your neighbour to park one of their cars in your driveway while you are away.
• If you are enabling your answering machine check and delete your messages as much as possible.
• Ask your neighbour to collect your post every day so that it doesn’t build up at your front door or porch.
• If you get newspaper deliveries remember to cancel them.
• If you will be away for long periods of time ask a neighbor to cut your grass so that it doesn’t end up overgrown – you can offer to do the same when they are away.
• Use light timers – they will give the impression that someone is in the property.
• Tune in your radio to a station that has the most talking and leave it on.
• Notify local law enforcement of your absence from your home.
• Do not leave keys under the mat or under plant pots – it is the first place prowlers will look.


At all times

• Ensure your exterior alarm box is kept clean to highlight your system is working and is maintained.
• Place security stickers on windows or doors – buy them or ask your security company to provide them.
• Do not leave your alarm code anywhere close to your alarm keypad.
• Test your security systems regularly to ensure they are functioning correctly.
• Fit additional small locks to windows and doors.
• Fit a door chains on front and back doors.
• Before answering the door check for unwelcome visitors.
• Ensure all windows and doors are locked where possible – burglars may decide to make an entrance when you are in the house.
• Select internally glazed windows and doors as burglars are unable to remove these glass panels.
• Erect a ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.
• Adopt a dog from the SPCA.
• Put small locks and chains on anything outside your home or in the garden including your gate.
• Shred all documentation containing personal information before disposal – this will prevent identity theft.
• Don’t allow your garden to provide cover for burglars – make sure your home is more visible to neighbours. Simple actions like placing trellis on the top of fences or growing hostile plants such as the Berberis variety can add protection.
• Consider connecting your shed to your home alarm system.
• Get to know your neighbours so you can ‘keep an eye out’ for each other’s homes.
• Join a Neighbourhood Watch scheme and put up a sign at your home to let burglars know you are a member.


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