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If you find that you have to dig around in a pile of jumbled linens to pull out a matching bed set, or you are unable to locate that matching set of guest towels, chances are your linen closet is jammed to capacity. Organising a linen closet allows you to easily and quickly take stock of what you have and find what you need without hassle.

Here are a few easy DIY tips to help you get started on organising a linen closet:


Clean out

If you are a bit of a hoarder you will probably have linen in there that has seen better days. Rather than letting old linen take up valuable storage space, look at ways to use old sheets and towels for craft projects. You will find more than a few ideas on the Internet and we have even put together a pin board with ideas to get you started.


After separating old from new you will already notice that you have plenty more space for all your linens.


Place linens in piles according to their category. If you have the space for seasonal organisation, start by putting summer and winter bed linen in separate piles. Depending on the season you can rotate the bed linen so that the least used goes to the back of the cupboard or top shelf.
Linens that are used regularly can be arranged in order of use by room; or at least have a separate pile if you have a guest bathroom or bedroom. If your linen closet is large enough for all your linens, separating bathroom, bedroom, dining room and others will make for better organisation.


Organising tips

  • Keep bed sets together by tying them with a strip of pretty ribbon or fabric.
  • Arrange towels in stacks according to their size. Bath sheets on the bottom and hand towels on the top – have the closed edge facing the front for a neat look. For matched sets fold smaller towels inside bath sheets to keep them neat and tidy. If you fold large towels into thirds they will take up less space.
  • Baskets are also handy for keeping linen organised, especially for a big family.
  • Rotate linens regularly, taking from the front so that all your linens are equally used and won’t wear as quickly.


Where to store

Not every home has a designated linen closet and more often than not linens will be stored in a built-in cupboard. If your home doesn’t have a linen closet you probably store linens in the room in which they will be used. In this case it is a good idea to pack away seasonal items that are not in use. Vacuum bags or zippered storage bags keep linen clean and allow you to pack these away at the back or top of a cupboard.
Making use of a storage drawer under a bed is one way to store linens where there is limited space in a home, or you could make an upholstered ottoman that doubles as seating and storage.

Janice Anderssen


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