Easy DIY fix for sluggish taps



If your taps produce a trickle of water instead of a full flow, don’t automatically blame it on water pressure. Homeowners tend to forget that today’s taps are fitted with a screen filter that blocks solid impurities and more often than not a blocked screen filter can be causing taps to run slower than they should.

We took a closer look at a bath tap that was sluggish when turned on full. Even with the hot and cold water on full, the stream of water was a slow trickle.


1. Look closely underneath the spout of your tap and you will notice flat edges on the sides of the screw-on filter holder. These edges are there for a reason; to allow the use of locking pliers to remove the holder.


2. Using a pair of locking pliers, turn the fitting anti-clockwise to loosen the holder


3. Now you can see why the flow of water from this tap is sluggish – it is blocked with solid impurities that are in the water supply. You can remove the plastic and steel mesh filters to clean under running water and then put the filter holder back in place.

Now that the blockage has been removed from the screen filter the flow of water from the tap has been increased dramatically.

When it comes to home plumbing and minor problems, take the time to investigate more closely before you call out a plumber. Small problems like the one shown here take about 5 minutes to rectify and save you a bundle.


Janice Anderssen



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