Toolbox for home maintenance and repair



When you decide that it’s time to start doing your own home maintenance repair projects in and around the home, there are a few essential hand and power tools, or products that you need to add to your toolbox.



Cordless screwdriver
Saving you time and energy, today’s modern screwdrivers are powerful enough for most tasks in the home. There are models that are fitted with integral screwdriver bits that allow for easy changing when you are doing more than one task, or when working with different screw types, and there are models with angled heads that allow you to get into difficult spaces.



An adjustable monkey wrench or shifting spanner comes in handy when you needed to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts.

If the budget allows, you could also consider adding onto your collection by adding a complete set of spanners or a drive-socket set.



Can of WD-40 or Q-20
If you are stuck for time and something is stuck and won’t come loose, having a can of WD-40 or Q-20 handy will release and unstuck a wide variety of materials. You can also use WD-40 to keep door locks from binding, use WD-40 on a garage door mechanism, and use WD-40 to remove spray paint from your hands!
Duct tape
For a wide range of household emergencies, duct tape is handy to have in any toolbox. You can use duct tape to temporarily hold cracks and breaks together, or to bind and strap objects.
Tube of superglue or gel
Always handy to have a tube, superglue and super gel can be used to fix ceramic, plastic and glass.

In a series of regular features, easy DIY will be taking a look at hand and power tools for a variety of toolboxes; from home plumbing to laying laminate floors, so that you know well in advance what tools you will need for a specific project.

Janice Anderssen

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