New options for homeowners with uPVC windows



For many years homeowners have been limited for choice when it comes to choosing window frames. Wood or steel window frames have been a standard for homes around the country, but with the introduction of uPVC window frames there is now a larger selection to choose from.


Windows are an essential element in any home. From a practical point of view, windows allow natural light to flow into rooms and ensure a home is well ventilated during the hot summer months. Windows also need to look good – both indoors and outdoors – and are selected to enhance the visual appearance of a property.


In any home doors and windows are the main culprits when looking at heat gain during the summer and heat loss in winter. Both steel frame and wood windows require regular, ongoing maintenance to ensure that the material does not deteriorate, rot or rust; steel windows need to be checked periodically for flaking or peeling paint, while wood windows need regular application of wood preservative, sealer or exterior varnish. With the growing trend towards designing homes to be more energy efficient, alternative windows that offer thermal insulation as well as good looks and low maintenance are definitely an option to take a closer look at.


uPVC windows have been around for quite some time and are the standard window of choice in many overseas countries. But what is uPVC? The unabbreviated name is unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and, while it is a plastic, uPVC can be safely recycled for re-use. uPVC does not rot or rust and can withstand extreme weather conditions, including salt spray and constant exposure to UV light, making them the ideal windows for coastal regions. [Wikipedia]


One important reason for the growing popularity of uPVC windows is that the design incorporates a sealing system with the result that these windows offer increased thermal and sound insulation. Combine this with double glazing and you substantially up the level of home insulation.


Additional benefits of installing uPVC windows:


  • Increased thermal envelope
  • Added soundproofing
  • Added security due to strength of product
  • Allows for double glazing and increased sound/thermal insulation
  • Low maintenance – requires no painting and will not corrode


With a big plus on energy savings, the numerous benefits of installing uPVC windows cannot be overlooked if you are looking a building a new home or renovating an existing structure. Take a closer look at uPVC windows. Here in South Africa there are various uPVC window styles to choose from: Single or double glazed windows, windows with tilt and turn*, casement windows, patio or sliding doors, or custom windows design to fit. And while uPVC may cost slightly more than other window options, the long terms benefits of reduced energy savings and increase comfort should be taken into account.



*Tilt and turn windows offer the advantage of standard side opening or tilt opening simply by turning a handle.


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Janice Anderssen


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