An environmentally friendly paint




Finally, there is a range of paints that are eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

Evolve paints are lead free, providing a safer paint for your family. With 0% harmful solvents, the water-based Evolve product range provides easier-to-clean, safer products with reduced irritation usually associated with harmful solvents.

VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) are normally given off in the form of gases by new coatings and adhesives. The Evolve range of paints are zero VOC, providing safer and cleaner breathable air after painting, and with reduced chance of skin and eye irritation.

Interior surfaces, furniture and even toys can be painted to create a safer environment for our children.




Evolve has launched new autumn and winter colours that are available exclusively at your local Builders Express and Builders Warehouse stores.


The cosy hues that form part of the Evolve range have been carefully selected to reflect the tranquillity of nature settling into a slower rhythm. The muted browns, cheeky green, musky pink and two warm additions in the range, hint at taking it easy as the seasons change.




The autumn/winter range also includes five other popular colours from the existing colour choices.


All Evolve paint comes standard in translucent packaging. The guess work is removed when selecting colours - what you see is what you get. And with over 30 colours to choose from, decorating a home has never been easier. The complimentary shades, balanced between contemporary aesthetics and style longevity, present effortless opportunities and ideas for accent walls which are a must have in every design-centric home.




Evolve has a 10-year quality guarantee on its top coat. The range comes standard in 1L and 4L packaging, the latter being enough to paint a 4 x 3 room. This sizing avoids wastage so often associated with the traditional 5L offering.


The Evolve range of paints is exclusive to Builders Express and Builders Warehouse stores. Visit for more information.


Janice Anderssen